Counselling is confidential, supportive and helps you to make choices about your life; Allowing you to move forward...

Sometimes life gets tough and we all need a little support and understanding. Having someone listen carefully and help us work out what our worries really mean can be a great comfort.

It is my belief that counselling can bring positive changes and self awareness to us all.

I teach a variety of techniques and skills to help people find the best way to move forward for themselves, including better understanding of communication and behaviour. The personal growth that may take place in therapy can free you from the limitations of old patterns.

Counselling is not an easy process because it often entails digging below the surface and talking around things we feel uncomfortable about and tend to push aside in everyday life, which can at times be challenging work

Therapy can offer an opportunity to grow and change in ways which are difficult to achieve on your own or with friends and family. It is not a quick fix, its about change – The therapist cannot ‘do’ it for you, but it requires commitment and a readiness to be open to new possibilities.

This work can allow a more realistic and effective way of improving your quality of your life, your relationships and how comfortable you are with yourself

Shirley Walker


I am a member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psycotherapy.

I work to the BACP code of ethics and counselling practices set down by the ethical framework and within current child protection legislation.

‘At the heart of our endeavours is a desire to know both ourselves and others more fully’ (Anon)